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Grading Info
If you just throw something together quickly, don't expect the same grade as someone who spends the full amount of time making something special. If your work is "ok" you will get a C; if it's "good" you get a B; if it's "amazing" you will get an A.

4th 9 weeks:

27 - Animal Hybrid
DUE March 24

29 - Open Globe
DUE - April 10

30 - GMetrix Session #2
DUE April 19
Do these 3 practice tests again even if you already did them prior to this week!

31-Low Poly
DUE April 28

32 -Big vs Small
DUE May 12

33 - GMetrix Sessions #3
DUE May 12
Do 3 tests again if you did not pass the CERT exam. If you did, then move to next assignment #34.

34-Draw on Photo
DUE May 12
Option for people who don't need to use GMetrix anymore

3rd 9 weeks:

2nd 9 weeks:

10-Text Effects
Due Oct 14

11-Movie Poster
Due Oct 21

Due Oct 28

Due Nov 14

Due Dec 9

17-City Details
Due Dec 16

1st 9 weeks:

Quiz #1 - ON CANVAS
Due Sept 2

6-Ocean Collage
Due Sept 16

Quiz #2 - ON CANVAS
Due Sept 16

7-NASA Posters
Due Sept 23

Quiz #3 - ON CANVAS
Due Oct 7

Computer Log-in:
You must be logged into school computer with your own sign in - not the Student/Student one to do assignments! See me if you can't.

Photoshop Log-in:
Use the email I gave you that you wrote in your planner (starts w/ ODUS-242.......)
Password: 0CS_ps_stuff (the 0 is a ZERO - the CS are capital)